Inverhuron Provincial Park

Inverhron Provincial Park is located near the town of Inverhuron. Located on the shores of Lake Huron it is the ideal place to photograph Sunsets. Every night is different.

The Tower Trail Mac Greggor Point Provincial Park

The tower trail at Mac Greggor Point  Provincial Park is well worth the hike.  The trail is a loop around a marsh. Wildlife viewing is great.

Southampton Sunset

While camping at Inverhuron Provincial Park it is well worth the drive to Southampton to photograph the sunset. We were really lucky to  find a beach where the sun was setting behind Chantry Island Lighthouse. The colours of the sunset that night were brilliant.

Mac Greggor Point Provincial Park Wildflowers

All these photos were taken while camping at Mac Greggor Point Provincial Park. There were wildflowers everwhere I went in the park. We were there the start of June.

Chutes Provincial Park

We made the trip to Chutes Provincial Park. The park is located just a short distance from Massey Ontario.